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SpiderBasic from Fantaisie Software

SpiderBasic is new web client-side programming language based on established BASIC rules. Its allows development of very complex, windowed based web applications, including mobile app for iOS and Android. It provides a large commandset to handle complex and reactive GUI, 2D games, and many more in a coherent manner. Every library and commands behave the same and have similar syntax for easier and faster learning.

SpiderBasic is a compiler which generates optimized JavaScript, which needs a modern browser to run (at least HTML5 compliant). As a compiler, it has strong typing and various checks that JavaScript doesn’t provide, allowing robust code construction. SpiderBasic is not object oriented because we do believe that object oriented programs are hard to maintain, but we provide flexible namespace support and many other features.

SpiderBasic is based on the PureBasic syntax, and is compatible to some degree with it. If you are already familiar with PureBasic, using SpiderBasic should be an easy task. It’s even possible to create a program which runs on the web, mobile and desktop using the same source code.