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Raspberry Pi (RaspPi)



Visual Basic via .NET Core

For the most part, discussions in this section are going to be specific to Pi4 running Raspbian and Visual Basic as it exists through .NET Core. At the time of this writing the official release of .NET Core is v3.1; v5 is “just around the corner”.

There are basically two paths to developing for Pi; one is to use another PC (Windows 10 for example) and the other is developing directly on the Pi.

Using Windows 10

Using Raspbian

To make things simpler (since I prefer to develop on Windows 10), I also setup remote desktop from Windows 10 to Pi4 following the instructions for Remote desktop with xrdp using this.

Building a GUI-style Application

The following instructions are an overview (500 mile high) set of actions you must do regardless of whether or not you are developing using Visual Studio 2019 (Windows 10) or Visual Studio Code (Raspbian).



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