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Welcome to MCS BASIC-52. This program functions as a BASIC interpreter occupying 8K of ROM in INTEL’s 8052AH micro-controller. MCS BASIC-52 provides most of the features of “standard” BASICS, plus many additional features that apply to control environments and to the architecture of the 8052AH.

The design goal of MCS BASIC-52 was to develop a software program that would make it easy for a hardware/software designer to interact with the 8052 device; but, at the same time not limit the designer to the slow and sometimes awkward constructs of BASIC. This program is not a “toy” like many of the so called TINY BASICS. It is a powerful software tool that can significantly reduce the design time of many projects. MCS BASIC-52 is ideal for so called embedded systems, where terminals are not attached to system, but the system controls and manipulates equipment and data.

MCS BASIC-52 offers many unique hardware and software features, including the ability to store and execute the user program out of an EPROM, the ability to process interrupts within the constructs of a BASIC program, plus an accurate real time clock. In addition, the arithmetic routines and l/O routines contained in MCS BASIC-52 can be accessed with assembly language CALL routines. This feature can be used to eliminate the need for the user to write these sometimes difficult and tedious programs.