For all people interested in the continued usage and evolution of the BASIC programming language.

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Emulators, Simulators, Etc

Because many retro versions of BASIC were designed to only work on a particular platform that may be out of reach to most people; emulators can provide a great way to experience these systems on current machines.

This list isn’t meant to be the all inclusive list of all emulators that exists; rather it is just here to serve as a place to get started. New emulators are arriving almost daily and it would be extremely difficult to keep track of all of them.

So with that said, these are the ones that I have either used (or spotted) in the process of exploring these retro machines (assuming I don’t have the actual hardware at hand - wouldn’t be wonderful if it were possible to have all of them; but, alas, I am married and will continue to do my best to remain so.)

Apple II

Atari 2600

BBC Micro




ZX Spetrum